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Rig Test Session

Dave GW4XUE and Peter GW4JQP
Dave GW4XUE and Peter GW4JQP with the Marconi 2955 test set.

On Tuesday the 4th of July Peter GW4JQP brought in his Marconi 2955 test set  and ran a series of tests on members’ radios, explaining how to check your set for spurious harmonics etc.

It was a very enjoyable evening. Thank you Peter!

GB3CM & GB3FG Repeaters

Thanks to Peter GW4JQP for giving us an update on our existing repeaters and also a progress report on the proposed new repeater. Initial tests have shown that the coverage is excellent. Thank you Peter for all your hard work… exciting times ahead….Allan GW4VPX

Lecture 7th July

We had a very informative evening last night, our chair Matthew spoke about the HB9CV and about GaAs FET Preamps, 431MHz noise sources, and about what to watch out for when looking through piles of junk at a rally.

Most of the assembled were really taken by the HB9CV and I can see quite a few members bringing their own examples into club soon.

Go to the ‘gallery’ page to see more photos…

Next Meeting – ‘A selective low noise preamp for 432 MHz’

On the 7th July, 2015 the meeting will be a lecture by Matthew Twyman (GW6KOA) on the subject:  “A selective low noise preamp for 432 MHz”

From now on we hope to make the first meeting of the month a lecture.

Suggestions for further topics are more than welcome.