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Club AGM – 1st May

The club AGM will be held on the 1st of May, at 7pm at the Cwmduad Community Centre, Cwmduad.

As is normal, membership subs will be due before the meeting commences.


Club Dates for 2017

Have updated the meetings page with this year’s club dates.

Have also added details of club ‘nets’ and also the details of the rally in Laugharne in March.

Please see http://www.radiosoc.org.uk/meetings/ for more details.

Will add more information as it arrives from our chair.


Construction Competition, 20th December – POSTPONED


Yes you guessed it !!!
The second meeting of December will be a construction competition.
The idea is to demonstrate your soldering and assembly skills.
Also the ability to use second hand components in an innovative way.
Kits are permitted even Pixies.
Prize for the entry considered most innovative..interesting.
Completed projects only please.

Next Meeting: Lecture, ‘NOISE’

RF NoiseOur next meeting on the 18th of October is a lecture given by chairman Matthew GW6KOA, the topic… ‘Noise’.

Meeting: March 1st – “Rock Mite” Kit for 40m

Tuesday¬† 1 March will be a talk on subject of “rock mite kit” for 40M.
This is sold by Kanga in the UK and is a QRP kit intended to fit in a small tin.
73 Matthew GW6KOA

First Aid Course (defibrillator) 23rd Feb. Cwmduad

A defibrillator first aid course has been arranged four our next meeting at the Community Centre in Cwmnduad.

The date is 23.2.16 a Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm. This is an extra date in addition to our normal club meets.

There will be a break for refreshments at 8 pm.


A member of the ambulance service will be available to give practical Instruction on resuscitation and the use of a defibrillator of which there are many situated in public areas.

The course is very much hands on with the emphasis on saving life.

This really is a life skill you should have !!!! I am sure you will want to invite a neighbour !!

As radio enthusiasts building our own equipment etc although we are very careful there is always the possibility of electrical shock…..!!!

It is 35 years ago that I last received a mains shock and I remember it vividly!!

Please invite your friends and neighbours…

Best wishes
Matthew GW6KOA (Chairman)

Next Meeting: VSWR 2nd Feb 2016

A wideband minature VSWR meter.
For 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz.
Pocket size for SOTA use.
A short lecture on the practicalities of construction.

2nd of Feb 2016


NEXT MEETING: RF Power Test Session

43p-1Our next meeting on Tuesday 17th Nov will be a RF Power testing session.

Check the output of your radio, check the sensitivity of your radio… check the calibration of your power meter and more.


Next Meeting: Vintage Night, Nov 3rd

Tube Tester I-177Foundation training starts in earnest on the 3rd of November at 7pm.

We will also have a ‘Vintage night’. If you have any interesting old test gear, valves, rigs etc please bring them along to show.

Lecture: FETs (Field Effect Transistors)

Our next meeting on the 6th of October will be a lecture on the FET (Field Effect Transistors).

The lecture will be given by Matthew Twyman GW6KOA.

Members and non-members from local clubs are all welcome.