Amateur radio is a technical hobby focused on self-training.

Becoming a ‘HAM’ isn’t that difficult. There are three stages to becoming a fully licensed amateur in the UK – The Foundation licence, the Intermediate licence and then the Full licence.

The foundation licence gives amateurs access to most bands at transmit powers of up to 10 watts.

An intermediate licence holder has access to a couple more bands than the foundation licencee with transmit powers of up to 50 watts.

A fully licensed amateur has access to all UK amateur bands with transmit powers of up to 400 watts, holds even more privileges, such as being able to apply for “Notices of Variation” (NOV’s) for other bands, running unattended equipment such as repeaters, holding club and special event call signs and more importantly, being allowed to design and build his or her own equipment, including radio transmitters.

A fully licensed amateur is the only person who can design and build a transmitter and who can subsequently use it without submitting the radio for costly testing and approval !

The Carmarthen Amateur Radio Society have a long history of training members to become amateurs. We are proud of our success rates too.

The society have a number of skilled trainers who are happy to be “Subject Matter Expert” (SME)  lecturers to trainees thus giving them a variety of topics and interesting people teaching them.

The tuition is undertaken by arrangement with the society, and is specifically delivered OUTSIDE of club evenings, so trainees may benefit fully from both their training and the social interactions with other club members.

Ian MW0INC and Andy GW0JLX are responsible for training at the Carmarthen Amateur Radio Society

Come to a club meeting to discuss joining a training group or use the form below to get in touch.

Read more about Amateur Radio and what it entails on the RSGB website